About Us

Who we are

NEEDLE ART TAILORS is a family owned business located in dubai, our team are professional master cutters with over 20 years’ experience in women’s apparel & menswear. In our shop we offer the best craftsmanship & high quality work to our customers; always on time & at an affordable price. We guarantee all our work whether we alter a gown dress or a casual shirt. Every piece we alter receives the same attention to details to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

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Who we are

What we offer to Clients

NEEDLE ART TAILORS is a full service alterations company that specializes in women’s apparel including day dresses, suits, evening wear & sports wear & menswear-style jackets and trousers. With over 20 years of experience, we offer a complete custom bead work & embellishments on all types of dresses, formal wear or casual wear for women, men & kids.

Whether you are a designer seeking to establish your own line, or simply want to update your wardrobe with unique apparel. NEEDLE ART TAILORS will provide you with high quality tailoring service for men, women and kids.



NEEDLE ART TAILORS is a store that connect brands to bring local designers & international brands to bring a focused selection of essential wardrobe pieces to women, men, and kids who value stylish and trans-seasonal product. We attempt to combine the best of designer fashion, exclusive pieces and styling advice.

Price List

My Alterations


Machine Stitch AED 20
Hand Stitch AED 30


Machine Stitch AED 25
Hand Stitch AED 35


Waist tightening AED 20+
Tapering AED 20+
Body tightening AED 80+
Sleeves tightening AED 60+
Length shortening AED 80+
Sleeves length shortening AED 50+
Shoulder shortening AED 60+
Zipper change AED 80+
Taper back AED 80+
Add lining AED 220+
Remove lining AED 220+
Length Shortening AED 25+
Body Tapering AED 30+
Sleeves Length Shortening AED 25+
Sleeves Tapering AED 30+
Shoulder Shortening AED 45
Length Shortening AED 25+
Body Tightening AED 30+
Sleeves Tightening AED 30+
Shoulder Shortening AED 40+
Length shortening (single) without lining AED 25
Length shortening (double) without lining AED 50
Length shortening (single) with lining AED 50
Length shortening (double) with lining AED 100
Small Zipper AED 20
Medium Zipper AED 30
Large Zipper AED 50
Button (each) AED 5-25
Bow Tie AED 30+
Pocket Square AED 55

*Prices may differ based on the material