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All our suits come standard with premium buttons, a high quality and natural product, not the usual polyester button that comes with most suits-Horn or bone are upgradable choices, we offer 9 different colors and styles. Selection is an integral part of custom tailoring practice. It entails the creation of a garment that is truly unique and uniquely made. Many tailor-made shirts, indeed most custom-made items, will come with plastic (polyester) buttons. Usually, they’re not part of the ensemble that people pay a lot of attention to.


We provide computerized woven taffeta label for tailors and garments. The Woven mark is low cost efficiency labels that can be used in all clothing applications. Brand labels are a mark of authenticity and are supplied by the mills for each suit length of purchased fabric. This refers only to marketed fabrics.


Just Bemberg uses Needle Art Tailor Shop to line our vests, trousers and waistcoats. It is the king of suit linings and provides unrivaled longevity, breathability and sound. It is providing the highest quality padding. Used by tailors on the beautifully finishes our suits. For more information please click here. We use a high-quality brand is breathable, light, durable, and has a silky touch that looks and feels great.

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