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Needle Art Tailor Shop comes in a range of sizes, designs and suits, but nothing beats professional tailoring to get clothes just right to sit down.

Sometimes the smaller details are the ones that deserve the most attention. Pants, skirts and dresses, for example, which are just the right length, offer a polished picture that will take you far. Our tailors here at the Sewing Shop are specialists in hemming and general modifications. Whether we work on jeans or jackets, sweatshirts or bridesmaid’s dresses, our tailoring work will always be great.

Our tailors can fix your favorite jeans or sweater, from basic wardrobe adjustments such as fabric hemming and stitching modifications to zipper replacement, scratch and tear fix, and Velcro placement. Other changes and repairs to the leather and suede clothing are hole patching, snap replacement, shortening / hemming, and a variety of other unique leather and suede clothing services.


  • Standard Hem
  • Original Hem
  • Chain Stitch Hem
  • Raw Hem
  • Tapers
  • Waist Adjustment

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