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Restyling, Resizing

We are currently running an OFFER on restyling & relaying to design help for ‘Positive Style’ and sustainability – take a look!

Re-style signature pieces:

Do you have signature pieces you wish you could still wear? To ensure your style is timeless, we can update antique, ill-fitting, or obsolete pieces. It may be a jumper, a scarf, a dress or a suit that you might have inherited.

Do you own an item you’d love to convert to something new? From establishing a new neckline to reinventing a coat cut. We can help bring back to life your signature garments so you can get real pleasure from wearing them.

Re-styling is an organic process compared to the one made-to-measure. Together we’ll explore your outfit, the design, the context, the choices available on how to improve, redesign and restyle it – transforming a dress into a skirt, combining two dresses into one, swapping a bodice, adding fur or leather collars and cuffs, enhancing vintage – these are frequent restyling projects that we’re involved in.

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